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Lakes Card Game

Kickstarter Funded!

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign Lakes Card Game is now on sale with distributors in the Lake District and online. For UK Mainline sales. £19.99 with free delivery. If you are outside UK please email us for a quote on shipping.

SOLD OUT! - We are working hard to produce more games.


Rules Clarifications

There have been some open questions from the games community about rules and game queries.

See below some FAQs

What does "Most" mean?

You have to collect the most cards to get a bonus - Most = Greater than. A tie is no bonus.

Hills & Fells

On the set up card in the first edition is the word "Hill" which has been replaced by "Fell" in 2nd edition. For game purposes Hill and Fell are interchangeable.

Monopoly Bonus

Collect ALL means ALL - If there are some on the side then you have to use backpack cards to collect them. Its a tough bonus to achieve


Water Bonus

Do i have to show my hand to my opponent to pick from? Yes. 

Is there going to be an expansion pack?

Yes - this will be called Tarns & Trees and contain Famous Trees, Tarns and Waterfalls to add to the game as well as a stone wall card. The stone wall cannot be passed through! More to come soon.

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