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Launch - Coming Spring 2023

Ocean Pods was launched in Autumn 2022 as a worker placement board game. During playtesting and community engagement you loved the artwork, the concept and the resource management. You were not so keen on some other parts such as the board layout, no investment when its not your turn and price point.

We listened and we agreed. This is why now for the Ocean Pods - 2023 there is...

+ No Board - Its now a dice drafting game

+ All players are involved directly now in each roll and action since you draft together

+ New Suppliers, new technologies, no board, smaller box = lower price

Coming Soon - The new game. Sign up for updates and exclusive first look.

NB: Content on this page may show 2022 version of the game whilst the 2023 version is in development.

A Dice drafting game where players discover Ocean resources such as Krill, Cephalopods, Fish, Pinnipeds & Crustaceans and use them to attract Whales and Dolphins to their Pod to score victory points.


Be Aware though - each round plastic leaks into the Ocean destroying resources. Clean the Ocean of plastic to uncover bonus points and help your pod. 


Can you adapt to the Ocean dangers, collect resources and have the biggest pod? In this semi coop game you can all lose - but only one can win! 



Collect Resources

Collect resources to attract animals to your pod. Different animals need different resources. 


Attract animals to your pod

When you have the resources spend them to add the whale or dolphin to your pod to give you victory points.



Clean the Ocean

Resources are blocked each turn by plastic entering the ocean. Clean the ocean and get the plastic token. Clean up to earn victory points and keep ocean resources available.

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