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Can you save the Ocean Pods?
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Get a copy of Ocean Pods £14
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Each purchase means a donation to Ocean Generation

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We are proud supporters of Ocean Generation.

Each Ocean Pod game sold ensures a donation is made to help plant mangroves in Madagascar, pay for educational visits, fund films on climate change and help clean up our beaches from plastic.

Did you know: Mangrove Trees can sequester 3 to 5 times more Carbon than traditional forests?


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Lakes Card Game

In this two player game of strategy collect Lake District landmarks & locations to score victory points. Use Backpack cards to stop opponents and help you win. Complete secret Lake District missions to help boost your score.

Who will climb the mountain victorious and who will take a hike? A must play game for any lover of the Lake District.

15th May 2024 - 2nd Edition release!

New hiker meeple & square cards to make the play grid neater. 


Shoal is a new fun, fish layering card game.Create the highest scoring shoal as decide which fish to keep and which go! Strategically layer cards to achieve goals and create a winning shoal.

Availability - See above

Players - 2 to 4

Length - 15 mins

Ages - 10+

31st May 2024 - UKGE sale

8th June 2024 - General release

Ocean Pods
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Ocean Pods is a 2 to 5 player dice drafting game. Collect Ocean resources to attract Whales and Dolphins to your Pod to score points.

Beware as plastic leaks into the Ocean each round blocking resources. Work together to remove plastic but only winner can get the most points. This beautiful semi-coop game has a bite to it.

Availability - Available now

Players - 2 to 5

Length - 30 mins

Ages - 14+

Sharks & Rays

Sharks & Rays is an expansion pack to the dice drafting game Ocean Pods. Conduct more research into 9 new sharks and 3 new rays. There are 5 new research objectives too to make the game interact with the 29 new pod cards. 

(This is not a stand alone game - it can only be used in conjunction with Ocean Pods).

Availability - See above

Players - 2 to 5

Length - 30 mins

Ages - 14+

1st May 2024 - pre-orders open.

31st May 2024 - UKGE sale

8th June 2024 - General release

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We will be selling Ocean Accessories at UKGE and online from 8th June to increase your experiences with our games. The popular Ocean dice trays will return along with the new whale purses. Ideal for dice/token storage and cute to boot.

Availability - See above

31st May 2024 - UKGE sale

8th June 2024 - General release

Time Troopers

We will be giving Time Troopers demonstrations at Airecon (14-17 March) and UKGE (31st May to 2nd June) this year. This is a solo card campaign putting you in control of a squad of Time Travelling Soldiers. Combat, stealth and scheme to complete mission objectives. Make decisions which alter the timeline, unlock cards and decide the future.

Fight for the future in the past!

New online Store opens 1st May 2024

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