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Time Troopers

Time Troopers is a role playing game in which factions compete for scientific codes hidden in the past. Traveling through time portals seeking the codes to control the time portal - and the world itself. 

Save time, save the world and don't get caught doing it.

Governments, nations and countries are no longer relevant. Corporations run the world now. Profits are up, so are sea levels. There are 15 Corporations but only 2 have access to Dimension Shifting. Yuri Nakamoto looking to solve faster than light space travel stumbled on Dimension Shifting a decade ago.

Yuri was contracted to the Infinity Federation, the worlds largest Corporation, complete with its own private Army. It is unclear what happened in the early years. Corporations don't share data. They don't share anything. You are born into a Corporation and they trade, sell and buy resources between each other and we get the crumbs that trickle down.

It is known that the Nala Alliance had a spy in Nakamoto's lab. Some say the Alliance bombed the lab to the ground for fear what The Federation would do with Time Travel. One guy told me The Federation destroyed their own research to stop others from getting to it and relocated the lab.

Who knows what really happened? Yuki was killed and most of his research too. The only thing that survived were the 2 prototype Tri-Gates and 16 codes.

Both the Federation and the Alliance have prototypes and codes. But they cannot just Time Travel. Not without Yuki Nakamoto. They can only go back to the 16 codes they have. The prototypes are linked. If one Tri-gate is opened so is the other. Yuki was a smart guy. Its been around 10 years and nobody can figure out what he left behind and how to start these machines. Until now....

The bunker is shaking as much as me. The triangle light I am looking at is getting brighter and the science team next me are getting excited. It looks like me and the other scout troopers are going through the tunnel to the first code. We know that our enemies tri-gate will be open now too. Wars of the future are fought in the past. 

2021-11-15 17_17_42-Window.png

Concept Art - Time Troopers is in production - images are not owned by Molinarius Games. Intended for reference only.

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